MOVIE Group LogoIn late 2019 after losing two close friends in the entertainment industry, Cole O’Barts Entertainment founder George O’Barts decided he could no longer wait for our government to fix the declining state of the Arizona entertainment industry. To get production back on track in Arizona he launched a new company entitled Media One Voice Independent Entertainment Group LLC, DBA MOVIE Group. This new venture is dedicated to helping independent media producers achieve their goals. The company is primarily focused on working with independents in the entertainment industry because these are the visionaries best poised to breathe new financial life into the flyover entertainment wasteland Arizona has become since the expiration of tax incentives. Cole O’Barts Entertainment has made four feature films without the benefit of a tax incentive and believes we can help others achieve the same.

DREAM Station BC Logo PINGM.O.V.I.E. Group has launched the D.R.E.A.M Network Channel available on the free LocalBTV app that can be streamed on Apple and Android device. This 24 hour a day music channel featuring music videos by independent artists is also the home to our flagship television program Desertwood Daze hosted by the valley’s own Kathy Blaze. This entertainment focused talk show “Desertwood Daze with Kathy Blaze” comes on daily at 3pm and 7pm and shines a light on all the hardworking rising stars grinding to put Arizona back on the map as a place people think of when it comes to the entertainment industry.