Welcome to Cole O’Barts Entertainment

We have been producing quality entertainment since 2013. Currently we have two completed feature films “Pizza Shop: The Movie 2013” and “Faye’s Redemption 2016”, with many more in various stages of pre-production. In addition to our films, we are launching our television division in 2016 with the children’s show “Story Time With Aunt Scaricka”.  Visit often to stay up to date on exciting news about our upcoming films and shows.

We not only create great films and television.  We also do work for other production companies and are capable of designing and constructing most anything from complete sets to individual pieces of scenery, as well as specialty props, in scale from miniature to over-sized. If you have a grand design, but a limited budget, bring us your design challenge. Portfolio of previous work and pictures from our new show coming soon.

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